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Publications for sale by LDFHS

A Long March from Lithgow  by Helen Taylor     (1.95 kg) postage $13.40 $60.00 - our latest publication

The book contains 673 pages of biographies of 1307 men and women from Lithgow and the surrounding district who served in WW1. The information was taken from their service records and from many other sources and includes photos, newspaper clippings and memorabilia as well as other local history.


Lithgow & District Pre 1856 Pioneer Register Vol. 1 (reprint) (670gm)           $35.00

Lithgow & District Pre 1856 Spouse Supplement Vol. 1           (455gm)           $  5.00

Lithgow & District Pre 1856 Pioneer Register Vol. 2                  (110gm)          $20.00


Biographical Sketches from Aldine Centennial History of New South Wales  incl. postage   $6.00

Lithgow Infectious Diseases Register 1898-1953 (microfiche) $10 + $2 .50 postage


Glimpses of Lithgow Past by Neville Morgan.         (175gm)                                 $15.00

Pen Sketches of Old Lithgow Surrounding Areas and Elsewhere by Neville Morgan & Yvonne Jenkins (foolscap)   (125gm)   $10.00


100 Years of Education - Sodwalls by Yvonne Jenkins, Suzanne Graves & Jean Perry (225gm)  $12.50


Baal Bone Colliery. A History byy Ray Christison.                       (630gm)         $35.00

Bowenfels. People, Places, Past & Present by Yvonne Jenkins  (560gm)     $30.00

From Emu Plains to Bathurst—the Great Inns and Hotels by Sharon Cross (290gm) $20.00

Lithgow. The Valley & The People by Brian Jinks                       (60gm)      $ 5.95

Lithgow State Coal Mine. A Pictorial History (stories of the Mine and some of its workers)  by Ray Christison (445gm)           $29.95

Opening the Gateway. The Birth and History of the Lithgow District compiled by Ian Holt & members of the Lithgow District Historical Society    (355gm)             $20.00

Heritage without Recognition. Lithgow District by Ollie Leckbandt    (493gm)           $35.00

 A Light in the Vale. Development of the Lithgow District Miner’s Mutual Protective Association 1875  by Ray Christison            (515gm)         $30.00

Over Cherry Tree Hill   edited by Margaret Piddington               (1015gm)         $25.00

Rydal-A Centenary Souvenir (A Short History of Rydal ) by Eunice Murray  & Helen Baber  (70gm)  $10.00                                              

Rydal Family History Sketchbook. Yvonne Jenkins                    (360gm)        $25.00. This book will be of great interest to the family historian whose roots are in and around Rydal, near Lithgow NSW, because the history of each building sketched is told and the occupants named. The names on the headstones in Rydal cemetery are included, as are those on the war memorials, electoral rolls, businesses, hotels and their licensees, schoolteachers and early pupils, railway workers and entries from church registers and from other surrounding cemeteries where Rydal residents names were listed. Part of the proceeds from the sale of the book will go towards the restoration of the War Memorial Gates at the Showground. Click here for a list of the contents.

Sodwalls Rydal Family History Sketchbook. Yvonne Jenkins  (500gm)  $25.00. Another book where Yvonne has shared her vast knowledge of the family histories of the people of the Sodwalls Rydal district. Click here for a list of the contents.

Tyldesley. The village that disappeared by Ray Christison    (515gm)        $29.95


Convict Stockades from Mount Walker to Mount Victoria (1st printing 1998—B&W photos) by Ollie Leckbandt (420gm)  $20.00

Convict Stockades from Mount Walker to Mount Victoria (2nd printing 1999—B&W photos) by Ollie Leckbandt (420gm)  $20.00

The Mount walker Stockade Cox’s River by Ollie Leckbandt   (280gm)           $20.00

The Forgotten Stockade Old Bathurst Road by Ollie Leckbandt (280gm)      $20.00


Edward & Anne Hughes re-union                                                  (106gm)             $ 5.00

Black Springs, Springvale Volume 2 (Edward & Ann Hughes) by Lorraine Legge      (850gm)             $30.00

A History of William & Sarah O’Neill of Off Flats & Hampton NSW by Brian Johnston   (120gm)            $ 5.00


Clarion Clippings -A  selection of clipping from the Clarion Newspaper. 13 Volumes—December 1941, January 1942, February 1942, March 1942, April 1942, May 1942, June 1942, July 1942, August 1942, September 1942, October 1942, November 1942, December 1942     250gm per volume          $12.00 per volume


Roses from the Heart  (bonnets for our female convicts)           (110gm)           $10.00

Celebrating 25 Years of LDFHS. 13 March 2011.                      (190gm)           $10.00

War Hero Project. Boer War, WWI & WW2. Slide Show Presentation.              $10.00

Marching Feet. song by Cecily McCarten, sung by Martin Doherty                      $5.00


POSTAGE CHARGES (effective Oct 2014)

To calculate the cost of postage, total the weights of publications

you wish to purchase and refer to the prices below:

up to 500gm (C4 20mm thick) $8.25

500gm to 3kg $13.40

3kg to 5kg$16.70

Over 5kg  P.O.A.



Second-hand books in good condition

A Portrait of the Central West

Clive Kaufman. 1989 (3 copies)



Draft Site Conservation Plan. Hartley Historic Site

NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service. 1990



Episodes of Old Canberra

Ged Martin. 1978 (3 copies)



City of Light. A History of the Tamworth Electricity Undertaking and Peel Cunningham County Council

Ian R Lobsey. 1988 (2 copies)



Brisbane Sketchbook (loose leaf cover in poor condition)

Unk White, P Newell.1968



Short Cuts and Money Saving Ideas for Genealogy

Janet Reakes. 1989



Guide to Convict Records in the Archives Office of NSW. (Guide #14)

Archives Authority of NSW. 1981



Colonial Secretary. Part 1. Naturalization and Denization Records 1834-1903. (Guide #2)

Archives Authority of NSW. 1982 (2 copies)




R.H.B. Kearns. 1972



Parkes: 100 years of local government

Compiled by Parkes Council



The Katoomba-Leura Story

Audrey M Armitage





Lithgow District Historical Society Occasional Papers Cost $10 plus $5 p&p NSW, $6.50 p&p interstate.

1. Joseph Cook in Lithgow - J. Murdoch

2. Swan Hill Folk Museum - J. Smith

3. William Morris Hughes - M. Burrell

4. Organising Local Archive Materials - L. Petocz

5. Coal Mines in the Western Fields - B.W.

6. Genders Fanfare for Elizabeth - W.T. Lesslie

7. Bowenfels Parish 1865 - Rev. Stuart Clements

8. Lithgow Valley Colliery Pottery Works - A. McDonald

9. A Look at the Collits and Field Families - Sue Graves

10. Church and State - a Tudor Study - W.T. Lesslie

11. James Walker of Wallerawang - Frank Winchester

12. Basic Research in Local History - L. Petocz

13. William Donald, Journalist and China - M. Klam

14. George Donald - First Mayor of Lithgow - W. Reid

15. Lithgow's Last Years as a Steel Town - A. Clarke

16. Catullus and his Contemporaries - W.T. Lesslie

17. An Emigrant's Diary: Oban Bay, Glasgow to Townsville 1883 - J.B. Lesslie

18. Inns of the Western Road - Frank Winchester

19. Glen Davis - A. Cargill

20. Subject of a Miniature: Mme de Montesson - F. Gregory

21. Lithgow and the Great War - the Volunteers - M. Klam

22. Oakey Park, Past and Present - W. Andrews

23. Oil Shale Industry - Development, Growth and Demise - A.S. Luchetti

24. Unemployment and Attempts at its Relief during the Great Depression - P. Macpherson

25. Railway Stations and Sidings in Lithgow - A. Cargill

26. Newnes - I. & J. Lane  


27. Convicts in the Lithgow Area - F. Winchester

28. First Fifty Years of Lithgow Baptist Church -1905-1956 - T. Windon

29. James Morris of Hartley Valley - Iris Paridaens

30. 100 Years of Mary Jane Gibbons - Yvonne Jenkins

31. Tombstone Inscriptions of Hartley Valley Graveyards - F. Winchester

32. Andrew Brown's Woollen Mill in Lithgow - R. Ian Jack

33. 100 Years of Library Service in Lithgow - L. Petocz

34. Catalogue of Photograph Collection at Eskbank House - Anne Wulf

35. Commonwealth Oil Co at Newnes - History of Township and Railway - L. Salter

36. National Steelmakers Monument - M. Morrison

37. John William Berghofer - Blue Mountains Pioneer - J. Bergman

38. Sweetbriar - M. Joseph

39. Pipe Organs in the Lithgow Area - A. Cargill

40. Index of Names, Occasional 39 - M. Klam

41. A Dictionary of Lithgow and District Nomenclature - G. Thomas

42. Early Settlers of Lithgow District - Janet Lesslie

43. The Small Arms Factory at Lithgow - A. Cargill

44. History of St Paul's Parish, Lithgow - I. Patterson

45. History of Cullen Bullen - B. McGrath

46. Robberies and Bushranging near Lithgow - F. Winchester

47. William Sandford - Pioneer of the Australian Steel Industry in Lithgow - Emery Balint

48. Pneumonic Influenza Outbreak - Report of Lithgow Municipal Health Office 31/5/1919

49.  Aborigines of the Upper Cox's River - J. Smith

50. The Lithgow Blast Furnace Park - D. Reynolds

51. Wolgan Valley - Frank Winchester

52. Hand Coal Mining - W. Blanchard

53. Joseph Cook – Peter Cook  


Postage charges (effective Oct 2014)

To calculate the cost of postage, total the weights of the publications you wish to purchase and refer to the charges below:

Up to 500 gms (C4 20 mm thick) $8.25

 500 gms to 3kg $13.40 

3kg to 5kg $16.70 

Over 5kg  P. O. A.


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